Call for Cases

Accepted cases - click here! (the list will be updated)

Call for cases

Submit your most challenging cases, tips&tricks, unique solutions and complications. All accepted cases will be presented in the Clinical Cases session.

Cases submission rules

We encourage you to include interesting images and videos. All accepted cases with videos will be presented as teasers on the Workshop website.

We recommend wetransfer ( service to submit your large case files  (high-resolution photos or videos). Just add your files, enter as “Friend’s email”, enter your e-mail address as “Your email” and click “Transfer”.

Presentation technical requirements

Your presentation should be saved in one of the following file formats: .ppt, .pps, .pptx, .ppsx, .pdf.

Please check that all the slides are displayed correctly and all the videos are playable.

Please note that any research involving human subjects must conform to the Declaration of Helsinki. We remind you that patient’s personal data should be avoided. The patient must not be identifiable in your presentation.


Accepted cases:

  • Protasiewicz M., When stentablation is just a begining. Case of stentablation of underexpanded stent in venous graft in patient with NSTEMI and severe aortic stenosis. 
  • Sukiennik A. Unprotected LM and proximal LAD rotablation with Impella support in patient with poor LV function.
  • Sukiennik A. Rotablation resistant lesion (multiple passages with increasing burr size)
  • Reczuch K., Kubler P. Stuck burr.
  • Ferenc M. Slow-flow / no-flow during passage
  • Kałużna-Oleksy M., Lesiak M. Perforation / cardiac tamponade during burr passage.
  • Lesiak M. Burr entrapment.
  • Dardas P. Mother-in-child-in-grandchild technique to overcome extreme tortuosity in a heavily calcified vessel
  • Mezilis N. TLR post Rota: dealing with restenosis.
  • Zioutas D. Rota after a failed graft.
  • Mota P. Unexpeted perforation
  • Bryniarski L. LM rotablation
  • Wańczura P. Rotational atherectomy in heavily calcified bifurcation CX-OM2 treated with Culotte technique
  • Wańczura P. Rotational atherectomy in tough LAD restenosis in patients with recent occluded LIMA-LAD graft.