Featured Lectures

Introduction to ROTAPRO - the new Rotational Atherectomy System


E. Barbato: Current indications and contraindications for rotablation


M.Meyer-Gessner: Crossing the lesion with microcatheter my tips and tricks




F.Ribichini: Rotablation complications when to expect how to avoid how to treat


B.Vaquerizo: The balloon does not open fully after burr passage my tips and tricks


B.Merkely: Why and how to modify plaques today?

G.Gaul: Burr passage is not always easy my tips and tricks


W. Wojakowski: Coronary calcifications – prevalence impact on PCI outcomes treatment options


S. Dobrzycki: Placing the Rotawire without microcatheter my tips and tricks


B.Michalski: High risk urgent rotablatin in severe petient supported by Impella