2nd Wroclaw Meeting of EUROTACLUB

6th Wroclaw Rotablation Meeting

Ibis Styles Hotel, Wrocław, Poland



Thursday 11/01/2018

13:30-14:45 Simulator workshop - How to perform rotational atherectomy (RA) safely – tips and tricks from the experts (preregistration required!, limited number of participants)
15:00 Welcome and introduction
  • K. Reczuch and M. Ferenc – Course Directors
  • P. Ponikowski – President of the Polish Cardiac Society
  • D. Carrie – President of the EUROTACLUB
  • W. Wojakowski – President of the Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions of the  Polish Cardiac Society
  • O. Lonbois – Vice President Sales & Marketing Europe, Coronary Interventions & Structural Heart, Boston Scientific

Session 1

The growing problem of coronary calcifications

Chairmen: D. Carrie, E. Barbato Panel: G. Gaul, B. Merkely, J. Palazuelos, F. Ribichini, M. Lesiak, P. Dardas
  • Coronary calcifications – prevalence, impact on PCI outcomes, treatment options.  W. Wojakowski 10`
  • Why and how to modify plaques today? B. Merkely 10`
  • Current indications and contraindications for rotablation. E. Barbato 10`
  • Rotablation complications, when to expect, how to avoid, how to treat. F. Ribichini 10`
  • EUROTA REGISTRY. D. Carrie 10`
  • Introduction to ROTAPRO - the new Rotational Atherectomy System.  10`
  • Discussion 15`
  • My most exciting RA case in last 2 years. D. Carrie 15`
16:45 Coffee break

Session 2

How to perform rotablation as smoothly as possible

Chairmen: G. Gaul, B. Merkely Panel: E. Barbato, D. Carrie, F. Ribichini, P. Mota, N. Mezilis, A. Ochała
  • Placing the Rota Wire without microcatheter; my tips and tricks. S. Dobrzycki 7`
  • Crossing the lesion with microcatheter; my tips and tricks. M. Meyer-Gessner 7`
  • Burr passage is not always easy - my tips and tricks. G. Gaul 7`
  • The balloon does not open fully after burr passage; my tips and tricks. B. Vaquerizo 7`
  • Main reasons of rotablation failure, how to prevent, tips and tricks - discussion 20`
  • How would you proceed in this case? Questions to the audience and the experts. K. Reczuch 40`

Session 3

Learn from the cases: My most exciting RA case in last 2 years Chairmen: B. Vaquerizo, F. Ribichini Panel: E. Barbato, B. Merkely, K. Wilczek, P. Dardas, G. Gaul, L. Bryniarski
18:30 Cases presented by the participants
19:30 Adjourn
20:00 Dinner

Friday 12/01/2018

7:00 EUROTACLUB Meeting
8:00 Simulator workshop - How to perform RA safely – tips and tricks from the experts (preregistration required!, limited number of participants)
8:00 Poster session (posters qualified by the Scientific Committee)

Session 4

Live case 1 with case session

Operators: P. Dardas, N. Mezilis Chairmen: E. Barbato, G. Gaul Panel: D. Carrie, S. Dobrzycki, J. Palazuelos, G. Szabo, A. Ochala, W. Zajdel
  • My most exciting RA case in last 2 years. 5 x 10` Presenters: E. Barbato, L. Bryniarski, B. Merkely, J. Palazuelos, S. Dobrzycki
10:30 Coffee break

Session 5

Live case 2 with case session

Operators: F. Ribichini, M. Lesiak Chairmen: D. Carrie, B. Merkely Panel: G. Gaul, J. Wojcik, K. Wilczek, P. Mota, M. Meyer-Gessner, W. Wojakowski
  • My most exciting RA case. 5 x 10` Presenters: M. Meier-Gessner, G. Gaul, N. Mezilis, P. Mota, G. Szabo
12:15 Lunch

Session 6

Live case 3 with case session

Operators: M. Ferenc, A. Telichowski Chairmen: G. Gaul, F. Ribichini Panel: B. Merkely, G. Szabo, S. Dobrzycki, M. Lesiak, J. Wojcik, P. Dardas
  • My most exciting RA case in last 2 years. 5 x 10` Presenters: P. Dardas, P. Kubler, F. Ribichini, B. Vaquerizo, K. Wilczek
14:30 Coffee break

Session 7

Learn from the cases: The most interesting cases presented by the participants

Chairmen: M. Lesiak, B. Merkely Panel: J. Palazuelos, L. Bryniarski, G. Gaul, G. Szabo, N. Mezilis, M. Meyer-Gessner
17:05 Summary of the meeting & take home messages M. Ferenc / K. Reczuch

Saturday, 13.01.2018

Practical training - participation in rotablation procudures

(preregistration required!, limited number of participants)


Please note that the agenda is subject to change at the discretion of the Organizing Committee


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