1st Meeting of EURO 4C Group

7th Wroclaw Rotablation Meeting


Ibis Styles Hotel, Wrocław, Poland


Final Agenda

Day 1, Thursday 17/01/2019

13:30-14:45 Simulator workshop - how to perform rotational atherectomy (RA) safely – tips and tricks from the experts. The new rotablation system. (limited number of participants, registration closed)
15:00-15:15 Welcome and introduction
  1. K. Reczuch and M. Ferenc – Course Directors
  2. P. Ponikowski – President of the Polish Cardiac Society, Vice-Rector, Medical University of Wrocław
  3. F. Ribichini – President of the EURO 4C Group, EAPCI Executive Board Member
  4. W. Wojakowski – President of the Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventionsof the Polish Cardiac Society
15:15-16:45 Session 1: Learn from the cases 1 Chairmen: F. Ribichini, G. Gaul Panel: P. Dardas, S. Dobrzycki, M. Ferenc, J. Wójcik, M. Lesiak, M. Meyer-Gessner, T. Pawłowski, B. Vaquerizo Part 1. Invited experts' advice 1: Complications. Predictors? Warning singns? How to prevent, how to treat? (7`+ 8` discussion)
  1. Stuck burr. K. Reczuch / P. Kubler
  2. Slow / no flow during burr passage. M. Ferenc
  3. Perforation / tamponade during burr passage. M. Kałużna-Oleksy / M. Lesiak
  4. Burr entrapment. M. Lesiak
Part 2. Invited experts' advice 2: Difficult scenarios (7`+ 8` discussion)
  1. The artery I have to treat is dissected! My tips and tricks. N. Mezilis
  2. Stentablation. My tips and tricks. P. Dardas
16:45-17:00 Coffee break
17:00-18:15 Session 2: Learn from the cases 2 Chairmen: M. Ferenc, F. Ribichini Panel: G. Gaul, K. Wilczek, G. Szabo, M. Tajstra, A. Ochała, J. Palazuelos, T. Roleder, A. Sukiennik (7`+ 5` discussion)
  1. 1. When stentablation is just a beginning: saphenous vein graft rotablation in patient with NSTEMI and severe aortic stenosis. M. Protasiewicz
  2. Mother-in-child-in-grandchild technique to overcome extreme tortuosity in a heavilycalcified vessel P. Dardas
  3. Unexpected perforation. P. Mota
  4. Unexpected outcome of circumflex ROTA-DES procedure. K. Wilczek
  5. TLR post Rota: dealing with restenosis. N. Mezilis
  6. Rotablation of ISR Left Main Bifurcation. J. Wójcik
18:15-19:45 Session 3: Euro 4C Group - the new initiative of EAPCI, PCR and a former EurotaClub Chairmen: F. Ribichini, M. Ferenc Panel: G. Gaul, W. Wojakowski, S. Dobrzycki, B. Vaquerizo, N. Mezilis, M. Lesiak, K. Wilczek, P. Dardas, E. Barbato
  1. EUROTA Registry S. Dobrzycki 10`
  2. The role of lesion preparation - Prepare-Calc Study M. Ferenc, President-Elect, Euro4C Group10`
  3. EURO 4C Group: who we are, what we do, how to join? F. Ribichini 15`
  4. From the EAPCI perspective: Is there a need and place for a new structure? E. Barbato,EAPCI Executive Board Secretary15`
  5. How to incorporate Euro 4C ideas on a country level. M. Ferenc10`
  6. How are we doing in Poland, is there a gap between needs and current possibilities? W.Wojakowski10`
  7. How can we do better? Discussion 20`
19:45 Adjourn

Day 2, Friday 18/01/2019

7:00-8:30 Euro 4C Group Board Meeting
7:30-8:30 Simulator workshop - How to perform RA safely – tips and tricks from the experts. The new rotablation system (limited number of participants, registration closed)
9:00-10:30 Session 4 Chairmen: M. Ferenc, E. Barbato Panel: G. Gaul, J. Piegza, W. Wojakowski, G. Szabo, J. Wójcik, W. Kuliczkowski, M. Hawranek, A. Sukiennik Part 1. Live case 1: Octogenarian woman with calcified LM + multivessel disease and low ejection fraction – high risk PCI with rotablation and LV suport Operators: F. Ribichini / M. Lesiak Part 2. Learn from the cases 3
  1. Rotablation with Impella support A. Sukiennik 12` (6+6)
  2. Rotational atherectomy in heavily calcified bifurcation CX-OM2 treated with Culotte technique. P. Wańczura
  3. Tbd. P. Kralisz
  4. Tbd. T. Pawłowski
10:30-10:45 Coffee break
10:45-12:35 Session 5 Chairmen: E. Barbato, G. Gaul Panel: J. Palazuelos, T. Pawłowski, B. Vaquerizo, M. Lesiak, P. Mota, J. Wójcik, L. Bryniarski, M. Meyer-Gessner   Part 1. Live case 2: Ostial lesion; the role of imaging in calcium assessment (OCT) Operators: P. Dardas / N. Mezilis Part 2. Learn from the cases 4 – invited expert`s advice 3: Difficult lesion subsets
  1. Left main rotablation – any differences? My tips and tricks. K. Reczuch 15`(7+8)
  2. Ostial lesions – any differences? My tips and tricks. M. Ferenc 15`
  3. My CTO case needs rotablation. My tips and tricks. M. Meyer-Gessner 15`
Part 3. Learn from the cases 5
  1. Left Main rotablation L. Bryniarski12` (6+6)
  2. Tbd. A. Włodarczak
  3. Tbd. A. Jastrzębski
12:35-13:15 Lunch
13:15-14:45 Session 6 Chairmen: F. Ribichini, G. Gaul Panel: E. Barbato, M. Meyer-Gessner, P. Mota, N. Mezilis, G. Szabo, S. Dobrzycki, M. Lesiak, J. Palazuelos Part 1. Live case 3: Rotablation with a new system Operators: M. Ferenc / P. Kubler Part 2. In a search of optimal RA education model
  1. Advantages and weaknesses of teaching rotablation in my country – panel discussion(participants from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain)20`
  2. Training in RA from a trainee`s perspective: physicians, technicians, nurses. W.Kuliczkowski10`
  3. Is this case going to be an easy one or…? Are we able to predict (more or less) a risk?E. Barbato 10`
  4. Let`s try to agree: 30`
    • RA in high volume centers only?
    • First cases in proctor`s or trainee`s hospital?
    • Minimal number of proctored cases? Fellowship in high volume centers?
    • Rotablation Risk Score – a dream or a necessity?
14:45-15:00 Coffee break
15:00-17:00 Session 7: Learn from the cases 6 Chairmen: M. Meyer-Gessner, S. Dobrzycki Panel: E. Barbato, L. Bryniarski, J. Wójcik, A. Ochała, P. Mota, J. Palazuelos, T. Roleder, P. Kubler
  1. Tbd. P. Wańczura 12` (6+6)
  2. Tbd. M. Hawranek
  3. Tbd. A. Sukiennik
  4. Tbd. T. Roleder
  5. Tbd. A. Jastrzębski
  6. Tbd. P. Kubler
  7. Tbd. D. Zioutas
17:00 Summary of the Meeting

Day 3, Saturday 19/01/2019

09:00-14:00 Cathlab practical training (limited number of participants, registration closed) 6 RA cases. Operators: K. Reczuch/P. Kubler and M. Ferenc/A. Telichowski

Please note that the agenda is subject to change at the discretion of the Organizing Committee


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